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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Instructions

IGHHA will use the Dibs tool on the IGHHA website to post all volunteer shifts available. The credits earned will be clearly posted as well. Registered members may claim shifts via the online tool. 

How Members Claim Dib Items/Volunteer Shifts - click this link and scroll down to section on dibs (near bottom)





Also - click on the "Dibs" tab above or follow the link below to see all volunteer opportunites.  A list of the next available opportunities can also be found towards the bottom of this page.


2017-18 Volunteer Credit Requirement

In an effort to provide a quality and positive experience for our players, IGHHA requires that each family contribute their time. Volunteer opportunities include concession stand, tournaments, fundraising, tryouts, clinics or other activities that may arise during the hockey season. 

Volunteer credit requirements (based on association needs) and volunteer fee are determined annually by the Board of Directors.  The requirements and fees for the upcoming season are as follows (this is a change to prior years based on projected registration and may change again in the future):

  • Each family must work a minimum of 20 volunteer credits, this is per family, not per child.
    • Credits generally equal one hour, but in some cases shifts may be worth more than 1 credit per hour.
    • Volunteer fees are waived for families with ONLY first year Mini Mites participating, however these families are requested to work 4 volunteer credits
  • The volunteer fee payable at the end of the season on April 30, 2018 is $400, and is selected as part of online registration but only charged if minimum requirements are not met.  There is no pre-paid volunteer deposit. ($.01 charged at registration - $399.99 on April 30)
  • The volunteer buyout fee, which exempts your family from all volunteer requirements, is $375.  This is payable with registration.

IGHHA will use the Dibs tool on the IGHHA website to post all volunteer shifts available. The credits earned will be clearly posted as well. Registered members may claim shifts via the online tool. Online help is available or you may contact the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance as needed.

The association reserves the right to schedule members who have committed to working volunteer hours to specific shifts. If a scheduled or claimed shift cannot be worked, it is the member’s responsibility to release their claim on the shift 7 days prior to the scheduled shift or the member will be subject to a $25 fine for failure to report to a scheduled shift.

Volunteering should not be considered optional. IGHHA is focused on the development of our players with a quality program. In order to execute our plans, including; clinics, tournaments, and providing quality uniforms and proper equipment, we must be responsible with our budget and drive fundraising events to deliver incremental funds. We completely depend on the support of the IGHHA parents and all association members in order to accomplish our goals. We thank you for your past support and hope for continued growth in this aspect of our organization in the future!
For additional details please refer to the IGHHA Hockey Handbook.

Concession Stand - Important Information

  1. State law says no children under the age of 16 can be in the Concession stand  We need to adhere to this policy please !
  2. The Concession Stand is located in the Veteran's Memorial Community Center, 8055 Barbara Ave, IGH (Next to the West Rink).  Phone  651-450-2472
  3. Please report to the concession stand 10 minutes prior to your shift.
  4. If you are unable to report for your shift you need to find a replacement to cover.  Please notify Amy Luedke, Volunteer Coordinator of any changes.
  5. If you have an emergency and can not report for your shift, please contact Amy Luedke 952.451.3240 or Nancy Stanton 651.353.5610
Thank you for volunteering in the Concession Stand.

Amy Luedke

Volunteer Coordinator