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    Try Hockey Free

    Saturday November 8th is Try Hockey Free Day!

    Our second Try Hockey Free Day will be held Saturday, November 8th from 12:15-2:30pm at the Community Center.  Tell your friends and neighbors to come and try hockey for free! 

    ALL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED!  Just show up and have some fun. You will even have the opportunity to meet and skate with both the boys and girls Simley High School players.

    Did you know?

    • All first year mini mites ages 4-8 play for free
    • Mini’s play on on Sunday afternoons from 4:00-5:00pm
    • The season runs from November 9th – February 28th
    • Equipment is provided free of charge for first time participants
    • No skating experience required
    • It’s not too late! Now is the perfect time to register for this upcoming season.

     Tell your friends to come give the coolest game on ice a try!

    If you have any questions, please contact Austyn @ 612.363.0508 or by email at ighplayhockey@yahoo.com.

    News and upcoming Events

    Fri 10/31 Sat 11/1 Sun 11/2 Mon 11/3 Tue 11/4

    Simley Girls Hockey: Practice
    3:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Blaine Scrimmage Fest
    7:40am CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ C Red
    8:30am CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ C Blue
    9:45am CDT Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee A at Stillwater
    9:50am CDT Ical_event_icon

    Edina at PeeWee B2
    11:00am CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice PW C
    12:15pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ A
    1:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice U10 A
    2:45pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice U10 B
    4:00pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice U12 B
    5:15pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam C
    6:30pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam A
    7:45pm CDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice PW C
    9:00am CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ C Blue
    10:15am CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice PW A
    11:30am CST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee B2 at Hudson
    12:10pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice U12 B
    12:45pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ A
    2:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice SQ C Red
    3:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice U10 B
    4:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice U10 A
    6:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Bantam C at Minnetonka
    7:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam A
    7:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam A & C
    5:45pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Goalie Training
    6:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee A at JCNSP
    7:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice U12 B & PW C
    7:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice PW B2
    8:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice PW A & B2
    6:00pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice U12 B & PW C
    7:15pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam A
    8:30pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Practice Bantam C
    8:45pm CST Ical_event_icon

    Strauss Apparel Online Store

    You can order IGHHA Apparel through Strauss by clicking on the link to the right.


    IGHHA Apparel Online Store

    Click link to order IGHHA Apparel online

    2014-2015 Season Registration

    Inver Grove Heights Hockey Tournament Registration

    Sponsor the Inver Grove Heights Hockey Association!

    Interested in becoming a Sponsor of Youth Hockey in Inver Grove Heights?

    For more information click on link below:





    Standardized Association Colors

    In an effort to standardize uniform colors across all levels of play, the IGHHA Board voted to stay with:
    Red Breezers
    Red Helmets
    Red Gloves

    The Board would ask that any parent purchasing these specific pieces of equipment over the summer before the 2013-14 season please try and get them in Red.

    Kevin Roche Memorial Assistance Fund

    For more information please click on link:


    MN Hockey Background Screening

    Minnesota hockey's "Background Screening" link. Online link for submission of screening form for All MNH positions. Please print out email confirmation and turn into your team Manager.

    Minnesota Hockey Announces Rule Changes

    The Minnesota Hockey Board of Directors voted unanimously to strengthen the severity of the penalty for boarding and checking-from-behind infractions.